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Episode 1 · 2 months ago

001 Coffee with Terry Fairhurst Leinemann


This, the very episode of Between the Lines was recorded live in the Sweetgrass Cafe in Trochu Alberta, Canada. I had the pleasure of interviewing Terry Fairhurst Leinemann over several cups of coffe.

We discussed her humble beginnings as a writer and how it eventually became a passion. We also discussed how the current world state has, if at all, affected her writing or writing process.

Hello and welcome to the very firstepisode of between the lines in your host Randy lacy on this podcast. I willbe talking with some lesser known, Canadian Authors and Writers, whoperhaps deserve a little more of the spotlight. You will also heardiscussions about writing and the writing process. My first guest issomewhat known to me. However, though this is the first time we have ever metin person. We have known each other for a couple of years now and we sharemutual acquaintances in a few of the social media. Writing groups that wereinvolved in I'm very excited to be sitting here at the sweet grass cafe inthe heart of downtown Truchuela having a coffee with carry ferrers Linamentwe've been sitting here getting acquainted, and now I would like toinvite you to join us. So here we are in the thrivingmetropolis of Trochilidae and I'm sitting here at the sweet grass Catay,enjoying a coffee with Terry farheard Oman and we're both to scuss. Forwriting. So welcome. Terry. Thank you is wonderful to her well very charminglittle town. It is I've been here for fourteen years and I've enjoyed everybit of it. I guess what we want to do is let those listening know a littlebit about yourself. So you can you give us what the last year look like for Er.Let's go back two years because of this current world crisis situation. Thatwill remain nameless. So what has what has been the last twoor three years been like for you? We see first time as Colet. Okay, lastfive years en okay thousin, I have to go back a partner, that'swhen we cot an emptiness and we sold it bottom otor homes. And then we followedmy husband, a steming retirement, an he's been going up, full mining off andon I still thannet. So his plan was with our motor home. I go up to theUPONA with our order home loaded and mining camp, a dig in the dirt to Olers. So two years,O one lining camp and it was three years another fit, and then we've went through a lot. Solast thousand twenty, yes spring, O two thousand and twenty or is up north wasdelayed out of months and a half because of coved. There is so muchuncertainty and even travel advise trees. If you aren't sensual should beon the road and of course, US traveling and morter home was a target. But myworries for Penetang was: we had all the paper work because planning a newpunt and is as actual so it's a way of living is an o as to lily. That's sothat is esential big economy, and so we handed up in me and then we had to stuff I clap forfourteen days outside way for which was quite nice because it was itrb part, and I was wonderful weather and was like camping because living ina morticoles different than actual counting and as periodic. We were awayfrom Cobo and it seems like normal. The worlds is no. The world was a yesyou're isolated, but reality get us when we went toAustin and it was like a god Kin. No, for I, everybody was watching. Santisima mask came in laterin the sun, so that was an ame shorter...

...season for us here about back downsouth winter in Lona, again and just here. Instead of going upnorth, my husband down works, Sol Calicoe,still digging in the dirt, but no hole and then a new job Brohanne, and when I heard about them, if I wassingle and I was visiting my elderly parents finally a chance to send thesummer an open OA after five years of north and tritium and those racist densthe whole summer told my hustband got that or working at the n sor well part way through. He realized thebig bally doesn't have a long for Bob nearest groceries are in steter and hewas working to all boer days. So she sent me a lovely texts way. I need to.I cut a ride, a daughter in the son, alaw and a it was a big Melly and breathed in the fresh air andabsolutely enjoying the quiet as Culna small town in the prairie, like you is rolling, feel like world offeels. I love it. It's like the N Con, except as no stores Esau. We wereactually an hour and a half out of Dastin. So so my dream that on it waswonderful, but this is the best and I used to hear and speaking ofsitting here, we're going to discuss your writing andstuff, but truly during the past few years, with this world situation,that's going on. You've had especially traveling to the upon, and all thesevarious places, it's funny to write a good. Have you not? Yes, I started a website a couple years agowhich website the as my website, TA, Lineman or press a on yeah. I wasadding to pictures and writing about my travels. Our troubles yeah. I I won at four years of entrain the autos onEid contest in Ole city during Discovery Day, ses twenty, I I won the first prize, which was a goldnugget and looks by the oster over service. So I was curious. How big isthat nugget? Oh it's a it's kind of it's one in two grounds grand soundsokay, yea, not Ouida, but it was. It was a most satisfying. This thing to aneverybody else is up there with the jobs digging for pools, get paid, andwhat you had to do is right for your yeah. I E T ringan. That story is on mywebsite as well. No, so that was me challenging yourself a right in aMorney, and I I normally do my books are late light entertaining e e, notnot to any serious mesina. Well, I have to confess that when I entered- and Ifound out that only twenty five people at entered- and I didn't even place hershow on okay, I need to improve- and I was a fan with that. Yes, a contest area wonderful way of challenging yourself and and improving it in trying adifferent Toron. I'm always learning more about the crowd. That's what I I'm focused on trying to develop,something that that I feel backing in... other books. So furious fiction, for example, is one ofthose monthly contents and it's it's. I think what they want. Five hundredwords and you've got fifty five hours to write it and, and they give you, theparameters to write about and yeah it'd be great to win or honorable mentionsor whatever that, but a lot of people that I talk to use it for practice,because, especially myself I mean I, I tried it, I'm a port by nature. I guessis this all I've ever known, and now I'm trying to reach US and find out ifI can do anything else, so I usually contest to test to yself and a lot ofpeople, especially in you know the groups thatI mean they do the same thing and I think that's a wonderful idea, so yeaha good tin for in so seriously you enjoy it, you wouldenjoy it. I think so. I Love Challenge. So I guess we Wenas will start with thequestions. Then we've been talking for the minutes andwe haven't even had a question yet or the questions that I've written downanyway. So everyone who calls themselves a writer can recall adefining moment when they decided they want to pursue writing. What was yourdefining moment? I've been a writer on my life, but it's mostly letters tofriends and family yea. When email came in my friends and how we were gettinglittle toward novels, because I would grate and right and we girls, I going older, they didn't eatme as much and I found it at a time I king Carnis, I started taking. Writingforces is kindly allowing I intran. There was a sort torosus an tooad, Ijust one or two a year. I think I took like seventy coursesmaybe, and it was not a kill. The Dan creative writing- that's half place through it, and Ilike, I could wait okies and it wasn't very much longer that an idea of juststress- and it was my husband's saying- oh look at the batting freak- is fromthe school and part of I I red. I comedy writing and I hadtaken, of course it enough and we had to re a satired article and I havewritten one of Tho helicopter cares and now they're, making the playground savefor ridicules. He felt an anyway all came together and suddenly Ihad this idea for look about. He pop equating and let the kids to be likefifty years in the future place. I Fine Oh interesting, so that was my firstpot. I just was like it turned on the posters. Yes O, my God t later it was. It was ready to go yeah.I had my daughter designed the cover and at had an idea, win or is eclateopen the book and turns in the traffic hollowers anyway that that was mydefining on extor. So you say that was your first book Bain you've got El. NowI have three and just Bilin. So what are your three books call? My first isArcadia deceptions and Arcadius. Big corporations that you know Antae careof all of those freting cups and the flight control is second boot andThot's Postea to Arcadia, and it was going to be a trilogy, but I decidednot to they seemed happy enough to see on along and nobody's ever happy. No,...

I had. I have the girls SASITA cover to,but after after a couple years with looking at them and comments, were itlooks like a flight manual. Ok, it didn't the cover. You know howimportant to cover is one o. This line we have to reesins, somehow is kind of linked to the first pot, butalso has more interest right. If you ever look at it, you go hole. I don't know about being blind, butanyway point on Third S, and it was that and Ausit one thousand ninehundred and five. I had the right one based in a city I mean not so I I ahome re or five yers and the cover I absolon love it and I've had lots ofcomments on it, and that was designed my I I as to so it's almost a familiar wellabsolutely desperation from the husband and the daughters yeah. I awesome that's fantastic. What was your initial indentation as awriter? Was it going to be? A career was just a a your. It's started as a hobby with kind ofthose feelings. Think those thoughts that every writer has in the past hermind when I this is the next most solon. I can steal it. I know it I s, but as I I thought, I thought that it would be easy to just present it to publisher likeover a most which spread an everybody at my book really enjoyed it. Justwriting this rating, a book and publishing this the School of havingpeople reader and like it that that's a great feeling so compeers, as in patience to wait fora publisher to decide that Michael is worthy of publishing. So I used face fast to so orites, nogreat feeling at holding a physical book in my Hou and calling myself an author which aremy absolute Syania fantastic. I guess I could say the same thing. Men Holdingmy first book and my first book was just for the sake of saying that I'vedone it absolutely and then, as accomplisheth bug hit you, though rightyes, I can do this again. Light me strikes twice and in some people'sfaces, it repeat, I'm glad I'm not a Gilfred. So who is your favorite author? Is the FEL Identi am awe struck byNatal, realism, okay and her books are just logical. I read every single oneof them and to this day I can't write at Coral Ism, but I did take a workshopwhen I was up the writer, whisters writers, festival, okay or one of ourholidays on sided was the estil. I was Aso, her books are amusing and one ofthese days I do point to try. I've done a fort story that I might try you my my Grosteste Toriesis where I'm leaning now I still write my poetry, but I'm liking short storiesand some of the ones that I've scared withsome people the feet back has been pretty good and and there's a like whenyou get that feedback it puts you on another level does necessarily yeah,and you hope that that can show you...

...into your next piece of grating. Yes,that's where my dad comes down a loves everything I write. Of course they aredo that right. What is the one book you would read over andover again? Well, ses? I read one book afteranother after another with that it was no time to re ratesomebody because I'm a gracious crater too many books too little time. Yes,but when I was younger, I read the parent trap over and over till thecover fell off and is still reade. Is that the one they made a movie Outov?Yes, two different movies yeah and the other one was from one of the best,because Beverly cleary is my childhood Osser Idol Siasi being a voracious reader is somethingthat I used to do as well, but with the vision problems. For me, it's not somuch reading anymore and listening, but who has the time to stick and listenwhen the world is busy around you? So it's kind of a curse for me, but Iencourage people to read as much as possible my children. They arevoracious readers, great yeah, and it's that's getting to be a skill or a love that a lot of people don't haveany more. It seems like the older generations are the ones that arecaring on that tradition. Yes, Wot, like parties, audio books seem to bequite popular right now, so have you ever or would you ever consider writingoutside your comfort zone? Why, or why not ask us me all the time reallyplease for trace. I tried with novel, but I have lice. I writingstyle is my voice and I can't really change. I tryanite characters more when I'm writing. When I'm readingbooks, I kind of study they're writing tile is. There are some that are just apleasure to read and I'm like as the sacred in Suso, that's my all wasdescribing to epist become a better writer, but my voice is always in sowriting. Sports Tories is where I experiment with different genres. Okay,that makes sense. So this other question just came to my mind, then, is what is easier for you, character,creation or block creation, or what's the easiest part of the book, to writefor you or a short story character creation is a lot of timesbecause I like quit, meaning behind the an do. You have a process that you workthrough or no just just you know, fling stuff from everywhere. I go down the rabbit hole of Internet Lot. Writing tips, interestwriting and is there is so much information that coat to sit kind oflike holding a hour to start with the foundation. I hope I'm an so. I startwith an outline just kind of to get the story in my head and built her character set the one thing about anystories: it needs a character, yes, absolutely right, so as a character. SoI start it was real niggling idea and character and right of well. There arestories that don't have a main cart or say, like the house, could be thecharacters or so it's not necessarily a human or an embody. It could be a thing,that's the main character. That's true! I like to write one like that.

I, for example, in Thin Christison. Thesame is good during the past eighteen months or so alot of people have had a really a lot of talk on their hands. How have you been able to use this time? With regards to writing now,I know off of the interview we were talking and you were saying that you'refinding is dead time for you've written a lot and or you don't have a lot towrite about it, a o. It was a little different fansied tohaving the Welt myself a nominee hours a time. What I found Rincon the repose lost, but I was writing is the writing. The Ia hold but yeah take me three years because I have a time of lost way toomuch fer. So I really change think the the writer's life is definitelydifferent than a normal life. Oh absolutely, a retired, I'm justfollowing with a yeah security is wanting to know, write abetter or a task rating as an to Develope and all that or I and E. U I s o course. They said and I down forty five Zand works andI'm like so you're you doan now couple months like building got aboutsixteen o. Now I love it. It's not as long as yer, but it's almost ready for Catoni you'resatisfied with it. That's what's important writing a book for ever a yeah. Some point we just have to AnticoI was I was writing my nummore and I got up to like eighty thousand words orwhatever, and I an that's enough. I don't need to include every story in mylife yeah, I'm just like in fiction. You don't have to input everything,that's great, to lead some to the imagination or for another lock. Yes,there is. I is, but somebody the best at one point we Tranto, OK, yeah. Ilike well no Ma Caracteres. Three art finishes like I want the first book. Itdidn't work. I wasn't gonna, but now the fish was going to like a one one of the other characters now. Well, that's a good idea too. We're not sure to talk about me spit.Let's talk about me but yeah. It's amazing where what you'reworking on se need o something else. So yes, absolutely and do you keep ajournal and keep your thoughts in a journal, or is it all a liner on yourphone or it's everywhere, Er keeping a...

...journal on a and then I have no book toholiday and writing about my day and then I have another note book that hassome more so it's I've been writing a journal fora the last five years, but it's all over the place. I routes that wealth of time, organizingthat or it's gonna, be left to my poor girl's point what he she going withthat that's awesome now you said earlierthat you're working on a current Rakhas, almost ready. So what's it called. Icalled the Kitten gens. Okay and your other books are available where, onyour website on Amazonas, a make on my website now there on Amazon yeah thefirst two or covent's it because I don't mark it, I just read: Yeah Fantastic, you know it's been. It'sbeen a real pleasure. Well one meeting you because, like I said, we've known eachother now for a couple of years only online. So I imagine my surprising,you said that I'm coming to visit you and I jumped at the opportunity to dothis interview it's. It has been fun for me and youare my first podcast I am honor and now I'm the one who should be one and am onit. So it's been a pleasure. It's been adifferent experience for me being here at this week. Grass Tete with Susan anvery good fit, and so thank you for filing. Thank you for grainy have beenlistening to between the lines with randy lacy in the future episodes. Iwill be talking with authors and writers from across the country aboutall things. Writing. So, if you likely to very encourage you to tune into somefuture episodes of between the lines I.

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